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our dishes

The Chef works with fresh seasonal produce, what allows to our menu to be evolutive throughout the year.
Discover some of our timeless creations…

Boned and roasted Bresse cloaklet     Short poultry joust    24,00 €

The Fisherman’s Plate    Seafood assortment    38,00 €

Sisteron lamb shoulder confit     Soft spices    25,00 €

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our desserts

As gastronomy is nothing withoug pastry, a pastry Chef works with passion in the kitchen of our restaurant…
Discover some of our timeless creations…

Tartelette red fruits Vanilla seeds from Madagascar, sorbet olive oil 11,00 €

Chocolate body Milk chocolate cream, grilled hazelnut chip, gruet ice cream 10,00 €

Ice plates and sorbets from the Refuge 10,00 €

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our cocktails

Good times must be shared also around a cocktail with sea view… Mixology has nos finished to surprise you !
Discover some of our timeless creations…

Zombie Brown and white rum, lime, pineapple and grapefruit juice, grenadine, sugar
9,50 €

Tom Collins Gin, lemon juice, cane syrup and Perrier 9,50 €

Mojito White rum, cane sugar, fresh mint, soda 9,50 €

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